My Code of Teaching students

The code I follow as a High Ranking Black Belt Instructor of Richard L Peralta from the Kajukembo Self Defense System. " Eight Types of Students "

The Eight Types of Students


In Martial Arts many things must be taught orally. Why?
1. Because is sometimes very hard to learn.
2. Because is related to life and death.
3. Because it depends on personal learning talent.


1.     Do not teach to those who are not loyal and obedient.

2.     Do not teach to those who do not have a good martial foundation.

3.     Do not teach to those who hearts or mind is not ethical.

4.     Do not teach to those who are rude and careless.

5.     Do not teach to those who are too proud of themselves and do not respect others.

6.     Do not teach to those who know politeness but without benevolence.

7.     Do not teach to those who change their mind all the time (i.e. cannot be trusted).

8.     Do not teach to those who obtain easily and also lose easily (i.e. do not appreciate).


These then are the eight kinds of people who should not be taught. This is not even mention teaching to thieves or criminals.


If a person can be taught, then teach them the secrets orally. Pass to those who know Loyalty, Allegiance, and appreciation; to those whose heart (i.e. mind) and energy are harmonious; and peaceful; to those who could keep the Spirit without losing it; to those who can really treat a teacher as a teacher; to those who can last from the beginning until the end; without changing their mind and maintaining their original thinking (i.e. being consistent), then it is obvious that you should teach them the total great applications. Only then do you pass on the true art without holding back.

These rules are the same in the past and also in the future, Please pass them down generation by generation all teachers should follow this as such.



 Thank you
Professor Burt Vickers
8th Degree Black Belt.

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