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Black and Red are the basic colors of the Kajukembo Self-Defense Institute of Hawaii.
The Circle of the Yin and Yang symbolizes the continuous Flow of Chi or Ki. It also represents the hard and soft system bound together in continuous flow. The Octagon represents the 8 angles of attack and Defense, as well as the clock Principle and direction of movement
The Dragon is the symbol of our teacher Professor Peralta.  It represents knowledge, wisdom and perfection, and the power to change. Life is Change; The Dragon is the symbol of Wisdom. Therefore this reminds us to have the wisdom to change our lives.  We strive to accomplish this through our training.

The green reeds symbolize growth towards purity, knowledge and strength in the art of Kajukembo. The Reeds are rooted from our founder A.D. Emperado. The Clover leaf is the Symbol of The mind body and Spirit. Therefore we strive toward growth in our art by training our minds, our body’s and our Spirit.

The Chinese characters to the left of the logo mean Ch'uan Fa - Alternatively, Kempo, which translates as "fist-style" or "the way of the fist".

The characters to the right of the logo mean Karate, or empty hand, whichmeans "skill in the way of the empty hand"- together both Kanji reads Kempo – Karate.

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