Our KSDS Family

 Our Kajukembo / Kajukenbo Lineage   

Sijo Emperado - GGM Aleju Reyes - GM Richard Peralta.



Our Professor Passed away October 28th 2005, this was a hand written List he created 6 months before his death.




Order               Name                       Year        Current Rank level given from G.M. Peralta 2005



1.                     Ed Shepard                        68                        1st degree -    No longer living.

2.                     Adam De La Cruz            71                        1st degree - Promoted to 8th Degree in 2006 by KSDI

3.                     Manuel Arcos                   71                         2nd degree - 9th Degree Grand Master with KSDI

4.                     Dan Frazier                       74                         7th degree  -  Promoted to Grand Master in 2009 by Sijo Emperado

5.                     Rudy Perez                        74                        2nd degree -  No Longer Active

6.                     Harold Marks                    87                        1st degree  -  No Longer Active

7.                     Jerry Jamie                       88                         2nd degree -  No Longer Active

8.                     Jerry Rios                          90                         1st degree  -   Left KSDS and under Jessie Escobedo

9.                     Jessie Escobedo               90                        3rd degree  -  Left KSDS and Joined KSDI in 1999

10.                   Mike Vick                            91                       1st degree  -  Stopped training

11.                   Tim Henry                          91                        1st degree  -  Stopped Training

12.                   Burt Vickers                       93                        5th degree -    Teaching and Promoted to 7th Degree by Dan Frazier  in 2011

13.                   Willis Norvell                    93                         5th degree -    Teaching and Promoted to 6th Degree by Dan Frazier in 2006

14.                   Israel Gonzales                97                        4th degree -    Teaching and Promoted to 7th Degree by Dan Frazier in 2011

15.                   Terry Roach                      00                        4th degree       Still active

16.                   Jay Ortiz                            00                        4th degree -    Still active




Black belts that have aligned themselves under G.M. Peralta

and that have received Rank from G.M. Peralta



1.                     Alvin Williams                 87                         4th degree    no longer active

2.                     Patrick McDaniels          87                         5th degree - Started his own System.

3.                     Cedric Pickett                   ?                          4th degree    no longer active

4.                     Agustin Lopez                  94                        8th degree  - Head of KSDS in Europe

5.                     James E Cox                     98                        5th degree - Active Promoted to 7th Degree by the AKA assoc..

  This is our Kajukembo Black Belt Family Tree -



My Black Belt listing

1.                    Dale Nelson              04                               1st Degree Black Belt - Kajukembo Kempo Karate


* Students from other Kenpo/ Karate Systems that have cross trained with me personally and  to which I have promoted them in Rank within Kempo Karate System Banner.

2.                    Chris Kimbrough       06                                  4th Degree Black belt - Kempo Karate

3.                    Mike Baker                  06                                   1st Degree Black belt - Kempo Karate

4.                    Greg Thomas             09                                   4th  Black Belt Rank - Kempo Karate.

5.                    Jeff Grant                    11                                   2nd Degree Black Belt Rank in Kajukembo Kempo Karate

6.                    Jim Morrill                    11                                   1st Degree Black Belt Rank in Kajukembo Kempo Karate

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