Tribute to Our Teacher

 Richard L. Peralta

Professor – 8th Degree Black Belt – Promoted June 1988 by Sijo Emperado Professor
9th Degree Black Belt – September 2000 – American Kajukembo Assoc.
Grand Master – October 2003 - Promoted by American Kajukembo Assoc.
Martial Arts Style: Kajukembo (Kajukenbo) Self-Defense Systems from 1960-2005.
Chief Instructor – North Texas Martial Arts Training Hall
Founder and Chief Instructor of the Kajukembo Self Defense Systems 1987-2005.

Mr. Peralta began his training in martial arts in 1960 under the late Grand Master Aleju Reyes, Sr.  Master Reyes was one of the original instructors who came from Hawaii, settled in  the  Northern  California  area,  and  brought  the  Kajukembo  system  to  the  mainland. Shortly after Mater Reyes began his school, Mr. Peralta participated as a beginning student, alongside his best friend Mr. Don Nahoolewa.  Master Reyes developed such black belts as Phil Corin, Gary Forbach, Alan Reyes, Jr., and Joe Davis; who were champions in the 60’s and 70’s.

Mr.  Nahoolewa, like Mr.  Peralta,  was  in  the  military  and  stationed  at  Travis  AFB  in California.  Mr. Nahoolewa and Mr. Peralta were Master Reyes’ first and second black belts (respectively).  Mr. Peralta studied the Kajukembo system under Master Reyes until June
1964 when he was assigned to Walker AFB in Roswell, New Mexico.

Mr. Peralta opened his first school in Roswell.  He then went back to Travis after 2 ½ years of service.   After Travis AFB he was assigned a tour of Vietnam (1967-1968), where he taught the Kajukembo system. Out of all his students’ only one was to become his first black belt: Mr. Eddie Sheppard.

Eddie Sheppard left Vietnam after being reassigned to Torrejon AFB in Madrid, Spain. While stationed in Madrid, Eddie Sheppard continued to teach the Kajukembo system. Today the Kajukembo system is very active in Spain and has strong organizations.

As Mr. Peralta completed his tour in Vietnam, he was reassigned to Kadena AFB in Okinawa from 1968 to 1971.  While stationed at Kadena AFB, Mr. Peralta along with Mr. Nahoolewa opened a Kajukembo school on the base.    They became well known throughout the Okinawa Karate Association.  During this time they became interested in where the terms kenpo and kempo originated from.  Originally the term kenpo was used until James Mitose appeared which then changed to kempo, a Japanese term.  In order to retain a little history before William KS Chow’s time, it was decided by Mr. Peralta and Mr. Nahoolewa to change the ken to kem, although Sijo Emperado had studied under the term kenpo.  Since then Sijo Emperado has accepted the term kajukembo and therefore is used by only a few schools today.  The majority of schools use the term Kajukenbo; and for those who ask why, this explains the reason for using the term kajukembo.
Upon completing his tour in Okinawa, Mr. Peralta was assigned to Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota where he again opened another kajukembo school.  In 1973, he toured the Far East for a second time.  This tour was in Udron, Thailand.  During this time in Udron, he opened a kajukembo school that had a significant impact upon the area’s martial artists and kick boxers.  His display of Kajukenbo’ s reality in terms of self-defense was so well received, he was asked by the Thai Royal Air Force Security to teach the military’s security personnel. His tours in the Far East allowed him to travel to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, and Japan.  Every destination was an opportunity to see and learn about the various martial arts of the world.

Through his dedications to the Kajukembo system and the high standards he has passed on to his Black belt students and their schools, Sigung Peralta has become highly respected and admired.  He is also well known to the martial arts communities of the Far, East, Spain, Puerto Rico, and Guam.  During his martial arts career his commitment to the Kajukembo system has truly influenced martial artists’ throughout the world.

Mr. Peralta was the founder and Chairman of the Kajukembo Self Defense System (KSDS) until his untimely death in 2005. His principal pupil, Sigung Agustin Lopez Campos, 8th Degree Black Belt, heads the KSDS branch in Madrid, Spain. While Sigung Dan Frazier now a 9th Degree Black Belt Heads the U.S. K.S.D.S group.  The K.S.D.S system Mr. Peralta developed is an expression that embraces the traditional techniques as taught by Al Reyes while encompassing Mr. Peralta's philosophy on effective self-defense and backed the founder of the Kajukenbo System Sijo A.D.Emperado.

From 1986 to 2005, Prof. Peralta has dedicated himself to advancing his art further.  In the tradition of the Black Belt society, he entered a stage of semi-seclusion. Selecting a handful of dedicated black belts via (Israel Gonzales – Burt Vickers – Willis Norvell – Jay Ortiz – Terry Roach – Agustin Lopez – Dan Frazier) with these black belts he advanced the system by probing for weaknesses, increasing the difficulty of the threat, and incorporating advanced philosophical concepts into the techniques.

Mr. Peralta was personally promoted by Sijo A.D. Emperado from 1975-1991 to his 4th, 5th and 8th, Degree Black belt, and then later promoted to 9th Degree Black Belt by the A.K.A association in the summer of 2000.

At the urging of his good friend, Mr. Don Nahoolewa, Founder and Chairman of the American Kajukembo Association (AKA), Mr. Peralta has affiliated his KSDS with the AKA in the Summer of 2000.

 The goal of these gentlemen is twofold; 1) to standardize basic Kajukembo techniques across all affiliated schools and thereby restore the Kajukembo tradition, and 2) advance the system through communication and collaboration.  This collaboration stopped after the death of Mr. Peralta in 2005.   The remaining Black Belts of the Kajukembo Self Defense System requested to keep their identity and broke away from the American Kajukembo Association in 2007.   The sole reason was K.S.D.S was created on systems of self – defense by Richard L. Peralta.  The remaining K.S.D.S black belts did not want Mr. Peralta’s teaching to be assimilated into another organizational group and lost in whole.  

Sijo A.D. Emperado accepted “K.S.D.S” as a system under his root teachings by Sijo and Aleju Reyes.  Sijo A.D. Emperado provided his blessing and officially recognized Kajukembo Self Defense Systems in the year 1987. Sijo Emperado also assigned Peralta the Texas to be his E.K.A “Emperado Kajukenbo Association” representive for Texas. Sijo A.D. Emperado officially accepted K.S.D.S as a branch system under his Emperado Kajukenbo Association group.

It is under the KSDS banner that Prof. Peralta has developed an expression of Kajukembo that embraces the traditional techniques as taught by Grandmaster Al Reyes while incorporating Prof. Peralta's philosophy on effective self-defense.

Grand Master Peralta spent the last several years perfecting his concepts and applications to the Original Method he learned from his teacher, the late GGM Aleju Reyes with his Black Belt students. Mr. Peralta was known for his lightning fast hands, Grand Master Peralta added his own flavor to Kajukembo to create an explosive and effective method of application by shortening the moves and moving efficiently while using his entire body to generate power at short ranges.  Sijo A.D. Emperado admired Peralta’s commitment to the art and supported K.S.D.S. “Kajukembo Self Defense Systems”.

Professor  Peralta  was  the  chief  instructor  of  Kajukembo  Self-Defense  Systems  (KSDS)  from 1986 – October 28, 2005. On Friday, October 28, 2005, Our Grand Master Richard Peralta passed away after suffering a severe stroke and heart attack. He left with us a legacy that is instilled in our hearts, minds and souls. GM Peralta was a man who led by example and not just words. He was a humble man who valued friendship and would give the shirt off his back to help someone and not expect anything in return. To be accepted as a student of GM Peralta meant you were adopted into his family and he would not only teach you his art, but also lead you through life, building a relationship that only a parent could understand. He was not just our teacher; he was our friend, mentor and dad.

As we move forward, after the death of our Grand Master, our goals go beyond keeping his martial spirit alive in Kajukembo Self-Defense Systems; we will aspire to embrace his spirit of giving and helping. Our lives are better because Grand Master Richard Peralta was our friend and surrogate father. We can only hope to have as positive and fulfilling a life.
The expressions and traditions are carried on dedicated Black belts mentioned above, Kajukembo Self Defense Systems will carry on and you as a student have a responsibility to
See that his dedication and devotion to the system is carried on for generations forward.

May Richard L. Peralta he rest in peace.......................salute, ley
Kajukembo Self Defense Systems Association
Chief Instructor Professor Burt Vickers
8th Degree Black Belt Kajukembo Self Defense System
Kajukembo Self Defense Systems International Council Member.

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