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Biography – Burt Vickers

Active Black Belt from 1981 to Present

Burt Vickers was born in Abilene Texas. He Started His Martial arts Training at the age of 15, in Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate, similar to Tae Kwon Do) in Abilene Texas, with Master Lane Barry and Dave Jackson.
He moved to the Dallas Fort Worth area at the age of 18 and continued his martial arts education in Chun Do Kwon- Tae Kwon Do under Two of Jack Simpsons Black Belts - Christy Moss and Bobby Stovall from Grand Prairie Texas all under the Great “Blood n Guts "T.K.D. Master Alan Steen’.

After reaching the rank of Black belt Mr. Vickers began training in full contact kickboxing with Bobby Stovall. Mr. Vickers enjoyed the amateur contact competition and fought over a 4 year period with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses. Burt Vickers retired from amateur Kickboxing at the age of 22. Mr. Vickers began the study of Aikido and Judo between 1987 - 1989 reaching only the mid-level color ranks within Aikido and Kodokan Judo. (Dallas Aikido and Vince Tamura Judo Center Bachman area)

In September of 1989, he met the instructor that was to shape his martial arts career from then to this day. The man was a quiet, unassuming instructor from California via Hawaii, and invited   him to train under his system of Kajukembo. This man was Professor Richard L Peralta, who was a Black belt student under Grand Master Aleju Reyes, who in turn was one of the first group of Black belts out of the legendary Palama Settlement of Hawaii under SIJO A. D. Emperado, the founder of the Kajukenbo system.

To determine his level of commitment, Professor Peralta attempted to discourage Mr. Vickers with the brutal workouts (the “old Hawaiian way”) in the Hawaiian lingo “to Bust m up good”. Recognizing the skill and ability of his instructor Mr. Vickers persevered and became a devoted student to the art of Kajukembo / Kajukenbo under Master Richard Peralta. Mr. Vickers trained hard, continues to become a Black belt, and was awarded the rank of Black belt in the fall of 1993.

Mr. Peralta and Mr. Vickers ran several seminars in Puerto Rico, California and Las Vegas during the years 1993 to 1998.During this time Mr. Vickers Started a school in Irving Texas at West Park Recreation Center. Mr. Vickers moved to Lubbock, Texas in 1998 and started a part time school teaching Kajukembo Self Defense. After 8 years as a first Degree Black Belt. Professor Peralta promoted him to his 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Degree Black Belts in, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004. Mr. Vickers ran the school in Lubbock until the spring of 2005 at which time he transferred jobs to the Dallas Fort Worth Area.

On moving to Dallas, Mr. Vickers was invited to stay with Mr. Peralta with the goal of starting a full time school. Unfortunately these plans came to an abrupt halt with the untimely death of Mr. Peralta in October of 2005. Mr. Vickers and the remaining members of the Kajukembo Self Defense systems, band together and formally created the Kajukembo Self Defense Systems International Association.

In the Fall of 2006 Mr. Dan Frazier “KSDS foremost Senior black belt 9th Degree black belt “along with the KSDS board–promoted Mr. Vickers to the title of Sigung and the Rank of 6th Degree Black belt, and In the Summer of 2011 G.M. Dan Frazier promoted Mr. Vickers to the Rank of 7th Degree Black belt and inducted into the United States Martial arts Hall of Fame.

Mr. Vickers last promotion was held on  August 15th 2015 Mr. Vickers was promoted to the Rank of 8th Degree Black Belt with  title of Professor at the 2015 Richard Peralta Memorial Seminar and Luau event by the council members of the Kajukembo Self Defense Systems International Association - G.M Dan Frazier 9th Degree Black Belt, G.M. Edward Shepard 9th Degree Black Belt ,  Sigung Israel Gonzales 7th Degree Black Belt , SGM- Manuel Arcos 9th Degree Black Belt, additional Grand Masters SGM Emil Bautista 9th Degree Black Belt  SGM Joe Davis 9th Degree Black Belt , G.M George Jackson 9th Degree Black Belt  all signed in agreement of the promotion. In addition Mr. Vickers received an additional document Confirmation of Rank promotion from SGM Emil Bautista and SGM Joe Davis - confirming my 8th degree promotion from the Nothern California Headquaters {NorCal} of the Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institiute Board of Advisors.

Mr. Vickers moved in the fall of 2007 to Houston Texas, where he is teaching today from his home and studio school location. He continues to keep the memory of Richard Peralta’s KSDS system alive.

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Current status: Active from 1981- Present day.

TANG SOO DO 1981-1984

My Instructor: Lane Barry

Started with a school in Abilene Texas at the age of 15 Tang Soo Do systems and later they changed To Tae Kwon Do. Obtained the Rank of Green belt - moved to Dallas Texas
TAE KWON DO 1984- 1990

Grand Prairie TX


INSTRUCTORS: Christy Moss and Bobby Stovall

Obtained black belt status in American karate Chun Do Kwon TKD system and Trained full contact karate Amateur status 7 wins 3 losses. I decided to leave Tae Kwon Do systems to increase my martial arts skill set in the Kajukembo Self Defense System.

Grand Prairie TX

Instructor: Richard L Peralta

Hawaiian Kenpo karate system.

Studied under Grand Master Richard Peralta 9th Degree Black belt from 1990 - 2005 Under Sijo A.D. Emperado Founder of the system. In 1948-2009
Became a devote student under Professor Peralta for years and was

A devoted student, lived with him last year until his death in October 2005 All Promotions from 1993 - 2004 were awarded from Grand master Peralta
* I received my Teaching certificate from Mr. Peralta in 1999 and title of Sifu, Received Master Title or Sigung from Dan Frazier and the K.S.D.S Board in 2006. Last Promotion Date was August 15th  2015 to the Rank of 8th Degree Black Belt and the title of Professor from the K.S.D.S.I Council Board Members : G.M. Dan Frazier – G.M Ed Shepard SGM- Manuel Arcos , additional Grand Masters SGM Emil Bautista SGM Joe Davis , G.M George Jackson Signed off on the Professor Level of 8th Degree.

Was an active board member of the American Kajukembo Association from 2001-2006
Taught all the Self Defense System to active AKA schools within the Southwest Region Active Board Director for the Kajukembo Self Defense Systems Association. 2005-2015.
Currently now 1 of 5 Council member of the Kajukembo Self Defense System International Organization form on August 2015.

1st Degree Black belt -  From G.M. Richard L. Peralta.
Grand Prairie TX

2nd Degree Black belt -  From G.M. Richard L. Peralta. 
Grand Prairie TX

3rd Degree Black belt -  From G.M. Richard L. Peralta.
Grand Prairie TX *

4th Degree Black belt - From G.M. Richard L. Peralta.
Grand Prairie TX

5th Degree Black belt - From G.M. Richard L. Peralta. 
Grand Prairie TX

6th Degree Black belt - From G.M. Dan Frazier and the Kajukembo Self Defense Systems Organization.
Dallas Texas - KSDS Board.

7th Degree Black belt - From G.M. Dan Frazier Head of the K.S.D.S USA Branch of Kajukembo Self Defense Systems Orgnization. 
Dallas Texas – G.M. Dan Frazier

8th Degree Black belt - From the K.S.D.S.I Orgnization with  G.M. Dan Frazier , G.M. Edward Shepard , S.G.M. Manuel Arcos , S.G.M Emil Bautista ( K.S.D.I ) , S.G.M  Joe Davis ( K.S.D.I ) , addtional signature from G.M George Jackson.
Dallas Texas – G.M. Dan Frazier – G.M Ed Shepard SGM- Manuel Arcos, additional Grand Masters SGM Emil Bautista SGM Joe Davis, G.M George Jackson.

Demonstrations and Seminars
Puerto Rico 1993

Gave 1 week seminar with Mr. Peralta in variousKajukenbo schools on the island. Self Defensetechniques. In addition, Forms.

Las Vegas NV 1996

Demonstration and seminar with Mr. Peralta in His school in Las Vegas NVSelf Defense and forms

San Diego CA 1996

2 day seminar on self Defense with Mr. Peralta.  Preformed for Sijo Emperado. Grab Defenses In addition, counter techniques.

Grand Prairie TX 2001

Taught self defense seminar for Grand Prairie Police dept. on control tactics. Hand to hand.

Abilene Texas 2002

Taught Peralta’s self defense system at James E Cox School, Affiliated school with Mr. Peralta.

Albuquerque NM 2002
Taught all the tricks and grab arts of the system To the AKA affiliated schools.3 day seminars

Lubbock TX 2003

Taught a complete 3 day seminar on Kajukembo Self Defense system. For the AKA. -Taught Forms, Self Defense, and Point Fighting.

Dallas TX `2004

Recorded all Forms and Self Defense basics that are to be used in all schools of the AKA .Taught all self defense techniques for the system.

Las Vegas NV 2006

Gave seminar at the gathering of all the Kajukenbo Grand Masters. Taught Peralta’s hand techniques In addition, self defense concepts. In addition, presented them to the Grand Master council. As there memory of their lost   Friend and Master.

Dallas Texas 2008

Seminar held in Dallas Ft Worth, taught K.S.D.S advances self -defense techniques for all black belts.

Dallas Texas 2009 -2010

Seminar held in Dallas Ft Worth, taught K.S.D.S advances self -defense techniques for all black belts.

Dallas Texas 2011

Inducted in to the United States Martial arts hall of fame. Dallas Texas 2012-2013
Seminar held in Dallas Ft Worth, Taught Advanced concepts and principles of Mr. Richard L
Peratla’s K.S.D.S system. Houston Texas 2014
Taught Kajukembo Self-defense seminar for annual World Tae Kwon Do Association -Karate Masters Tang Soo Do gathering.

Ft Worth Texas 2015 - 2016 - 2017

Ran and taught a self-defense seminar at the Richard Peralta Memorial seminar and Luau event.

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